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Helsinki the capital of Finland

These are Miki recommended experiences that you don’t want to miss in Helsinki

Finlandia Hall

Finlandia Hall is an iconic congress and event venue located in Helsinki, Finland, designed by the renowned Finnish architect Alvar Aalto. Completed in 1971, it is celebrated for its distinctive modernist architecture and innovative use of materials such as white Carrara marble and copper. The building's main hall, known for its exceptional acoustics and flexible seating arrangements, hosts a wide range of concerts, conferences, and cultural events. Over the years, Finlandia Hall has become a symbol of Finnish design excellence and a focal point for both domestic and international gatherings.

Helsinki Design Museum & The museum of Finnish Architecture

The Helsinki Design Museum is devoted to the exhibition of both Finnish and foreign design, including furniture, fashion, graphic design, and industrial objects. Interactive exhibits and rotating displays offer visitors insight into the creative processes and cultural influences shaping Finnish design over time. Adjacent to the Design Museum, the Museum of Finnish Architecture explores the country's architectural heritage and its impact on society.

Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma

The Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma is a prominent cultural institution in Helsinki. Opened in 1998, Kiasma is celebrated for its avant-garde architecture, characterized by sweeping curves and dynamic spaces. The museum's extensive collection features contemporary artworks from Finland and around the world. Kiasma not only presents contemporary art but also collects and preserves it.

Temppeliaukion Kirkko

Temppeliaukion Kirkko, also known as the Rock Church. Carved directly into solid rock, the church's stunning interior features rugged stone walls, exposed rock surfaces, and a magnificent copper dome ceiling. Natural light streams in through the skylight surrounding the dome, creating a serene and ethereal atmosphere inside. The church is famous for its exceptional acoustics, making it a popular venue for concerts and musical performances. It stands as a testament to Finnish innovation and ingenuity in blending nature with architecture to create a spiritual and awe-inspiring space.

Saunas - Loyly Sauna

Want to experience Finnish Sauna?Löyly Sauna might be a good option as it is located in Helsinki right overlooking the Baltic sea. Designed by architects Ville Hara and Anu Puustinen, the building features sleek, minimalist architecture with large windows offering stunning waterfront views. Löyly offers both traditional wood-fired saunas and a smoke sauna experience, providing visitors with an authentic experience.

City Cruise tour

Stromma tour is one of the boat tours in Helsinki which offer a scenic journey through the waterways with panoramic views of the city's landmarks and coastline. Passengers can relax on the open-air deck or inside the comfortable cabin as they glide past iconic sights such as the UNESCO-listed Suomenlinna Sea Fortress, Helsinki's Market Square, and the picturesque islands of the archipelago. Knowledgeable guides narrate the tour, sharing fascinating insights into Helsinki's history, culture, and architecture along the way.

Market Square

Market Square is a bustling public square located in the heart of Helsinki, adjacent to the city's harbor. Visitors can browse through a variety of stalls selling fresh produce, souvenirs, handicrafts, and traditional Finnish foods, such as salmon soup and cinnamon buns. With its lively ambiance and scenic waterfront views, Market Square provides a dynamic snapshot of Helsinki's cultural and culinary offerings.

Oodi Library

Oodi Library is a modern architectural masterpiece. Designed by Finnish architectural firm ALA Architects, it was open to the public in 2018. The library's striking design features a wave-like wooden facade and expansive glass windows, creating a sense of openness and connectivity with the surrounding urban landscape. Oodi Library serves as a dynamic cultural hub, hosting various events, workshops, and exhibitions, while also providing tranquil spaces for reading, studying, and socializing.

Sibelius Monument

The Sibelius Monument is a well known landmark designed by Finnish sculptor Eila Hiltunen. It was unveiled in 1967 to commemorate the Finnish composer Jean Sibelius' legacy and contributions to music. The monument consists of over 600 stainless steel pipes arranged in a wave-like formation, resembling organ pipes or a forest of silver trees. The monument is one of Helsinki's most popular statues and tourist attractions.

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