HUNGARY, Slovakia and croatia

Travelling must go on - Discover the culture of your neighbouring countries that are close, entertaining, safe and cool.

Austria - Czechia - Hungary - Slovakia - Slovenia - Croatia - Are the countries that we call Central-East Europe. A variety of different histories, cuisines, art, languages and people, still sharing the same values and having similar ways to overcome the hardest days.

These countries have long associated relationships by keeping their individual characteristics, from delicious local food to tasty beer, wine and spirits, from impressive multicultural buildings to remarkable natural landscapes, from endless creative handicrafts to exquisite porcelain and crystal, from dozens of world cultural heritage sites to pampering spa treatments. 


Countries in Central-East Europe welcome tourists from all over the world with its most competitive prices and warm hospitality. Our packages lead you through the region in one journey providing thrilled moments along with a lifelong experience.  

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Capitals of Central

East Europe and Pearls of Adria

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Delights of Austria

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Golden Triangle by Private Car


Golden Triangle by Train