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Italy has been recognized as one of the most attractive destinations in the world, with its 

historical monuments, rich contents of art, and food culture. 

We can also offer you the variety of the landscape region by region, North Italy with Alps and 

Dolomites mountains, Tuscany with beautiful Orcia Valley, Rome the Eternal city, south Italy 

with the beautiful landscape of the Amalfi coast and much more. 

There are 55 sites of Unesco world heritage(50 of cultural and 5 natural). 

Arranged by Miki Travel Rome
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Image by Victor Malyushev

5 days in Bari, Alberobello & Matera

Image by Giuseppe Mondì

4 days in Florence & Pisa

4 days in Naples, Pompei and the Amalfi Coast

Image by Andy Holmes

5 days in Rimini, San Marino, San Leo & Ravenna

Image by Lorenzo Castagnone
Image by Nicole Reyes

4 days in Rome

Image by Michele Bitetto

5 days in Sicily

Image by Federico Beccari

4 days in Venice

Group Tours

7 days in Campania, Puglia & Basilicata

Image by Johannes Beilharz
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