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Pop Guide

POPGuide is a smart new way for independent-minded travellers of all ages to feel at home in foreign cities. It's a simple-to-use travel tool downloaded on your smartphone. It combines high-quality audio text and image content with GPS navigation for unlimited sightseeing and discovery in each destination. As soon as you are set-up, you can explore even offline, enjoying walking itineraries, local transportation routes, cycling, self-drive and much more without incurring roaming charges. This means you can personalize your trip all the while getting familiar with famous sites and places of interest.


How does it work?

Firstly, search for the POPGuide app from your Apple or Google Store. There's no charge to download or install it. Next, tap the QR symbol inside the app to scan the QR code that was supplied to you or use the alphanumeric code. This action downloads your city map, navigation and audio contents. You simply choose your language and click. Once the destination city is downloaded, you're ready to go.


Let's take a look inside the app!

The city-wide map can be zoomed or scrolled using your fingers. At the top right there's a quick search function. The map is populated with famous sites you can navigate directly to these at any time. And there are star points featuring added extras such as photo spots and WiFi hotspots, as well as much further information on venues and attractions. You can also place personal pins anytime to plot your hotel or other favourite places. POPGuide can be customized. Your company logo can be shown on the top of the screen. Please consult with our sales for more details.

Citywide view map with points of interest
Audio guide contents
Suggested Sightseeing Routes

Citywide view map with points of interest

Audio guide contents

Suggested sightseeing route


Audio guide contents will automatically pop up when you are walking around or following suggested sightseeing route with the GPS function!

• The audio guide is available in English, French, German, Spanish and Italian (with some exceptions).

• Possible to have customized sightseeing route.

• Available Cities: Barcelona, Madrid, Rome, Florence, Milan, Venice, London, Paris, Berlin, Budapest, Vienna, Prague, Dublin, Amsterdam and many more cities available.

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