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Few countries have had as much impact on the world as Germany, which has given us the Hanseatic League, the Reformation and, yes, but also the printing press, the automobile.
You'll quickly discover that the local food is so much more than sausages and pretzels, schnitzel and roast pork accompanied by big mugs of foamy beer.
We will support you with any arrangement in Germany with our professional staff who have perfect knowledge of the country.

Arranged by Miki Travel London
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Image by 🇨🇭 Claudio Schwarz | @purzlba

5 days in Berlin & Potsdam

Image by Reiseuhu

5 days in Leipzig & Erfurt

Image by Wesley Gibbs

4 days in Munich & Hohenshwangau

3 day weekend in Frankfurt

Image by Tim Rüßmann

5 days in the Black Forest between Baden Baden & Freiburg

Image by Kanan Khasmammadov
Image by Lukas D.

5 days in Dresden & Meissen

Image by Julia Solonina

5 days in Hamburg

5 days in Würzburg & Nürnberg

Image by Kadir Celep

4 days in Heidelberg

Image by Mateo Krössler
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