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UK & Ireland

The United Kingdom is today one of the most popular destinations in the world, as it encompasses all of the riches a famous country may have, like historical locations, such as Stonehenge, the Cathedral of Canterbury or the Tower of London, museums such as the National Gallery of the British Museum, and its rich landscape, from the Highlands down to Cornwall passing by the Lake District.
Please stop by the country of Ireland also, rich for its history and its beautiful landscapes all across the nation.

Arranged by Miki Travel London
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5 days in London, Bath & Cardiff

VB34165054 roman bath inside.jpg

5 days in London, Stonehenge, Bath  & Oxford

5 days in London, the Cotswold & Canterbury

6 days in London  & York

Pulling the Perfect Pint of Guinness 1_G

5 days in Dublin


5 days across Scotland

Group Tours

Harry Potter's Filming Locations group tour

Image by Roland Lösslein

Harry Potter's Scotland Filming Locations group tour

Image by Bryan Walker
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