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Eastern Hokkaido


day 1

Canoe experience in Kushiro Marsh (Kushiro River), Hokkaido, known as Japan's widest wetland.

Lake Akan

Lake Akan has a hot spring town centered on the sightseeing boat platform. In the surrounding area, you can also enjoy climbing Mt. Meakan and Mt. Wild animals such as Yezo deer, red foxes, and red-crowned cranes also live here, allowing you to feel the excitement of nature up close.

Lake Akan Ainu Kotan

A place where the Ainu live and inherit their culture

Lake Mashu

A mysterious lake shining in Mashu blue
Lake Mashu is "Kamuito" in the Ainu language. It is a mysterious place called the lake of God.

day 2

Forest Walk

A premium forest walk that allows you to enter the forest only when accompanied by a designated guide. The hot springs that are the roots of Akanko Onsen and the huge katsura trees are the highlights.

Robatayaki is a charcoal-grilled way to grill fresh seafood. Kushiro is said to be the origin of serving seafood in a robata style. There are many types of restaurants that offer robatayaki, such as old-fashioned robata restaurants where you can enjoy juicy seafood grilled by skilled hands around the sunken hearth, and robata where you can enjoy grilling your own ingredients.


Akkeshi Whiskey

Akkeshi whiskey, deep fog containing sea air, clear air, and abundant peat.
Believing that the climate of Akkeshi, Hokkaido will create the flavor of the unknown Japanese whiskey we seek, we started distilling in 2016.

The sunset in Kushiro, Hokkaido, which is said to be one of the world's three greatest sunsets

day 3

Makomanai Takino Cemetery

The tip of the head sticking out of the hill is the Great Buddha. It was designed by world-famous architect Tadao Ando. There are huge moai statues, stone age, etc. on the vast site, which can also be a shooting spot.


Efforts to promote Ainu culture and raise public awareness face several challenges. The Ainu language and traditional crafts are at risk of survival due to a decline in the number of people who have inherited them, while the understanding of Ainu history and culture remains low. Upopoy is not only a space and facility to disseminate Ainu culture, but it is also a base for larger efforts to revive and expand Ainu culture, which is a valuable culture for Japan, but is still under threat. I have. Upopoy symbolizes building a positive and vibrant society with a rich and diverse culture, where indigenous peoples are treated without discrimination, with respect and dignity.

Jozankei Onsen

Jozankei Onsen is located 26 km south of downtown Sapporo in less than an hour by car.
Located in Shikotsu-Toya National Park as a hot spring in a lush green valley.
About 2.4 million people visit annually.

day 4


Otaru is a beautiful bay city in Hokkaido. Otaru, which has developed since the Meiji era as the "Northern Commercial Capital", has many retro and romantic historical buildings.

Yoichi Nikka

The distillery was founded in 1934 by Masataka Taketsuru, the father of Japanese whiskey, and can be said to be the origin of Nikka Whiskey. In addition to the cool and humid climate and factory tours, there is also a "Nikka Museum" that anyone can visit freely, a bar where you can taste whiskeys limited to the distillery, and a gift shop.


We, Hokkaido Ecovillage Promotion Project (HEPP), have promoted "sustainable lifestyle and society" since 2012. We believe we can make better environment, society and community that will be the model for next generations in Hokkaido. We share the chance and experience with the interns and volunteers to have comprehensive skills and knowledge about "sustainable development".


Japan, a country of volcanoes, is a food culture area nurtured with volcanic rocks and soft water. Even with fruits and vegetables, the soft water and rich soil brought about by the volcanic soil create a “UMAMI feeling”. In particular, the “UMAMI feeling” is amplified by taking an organic approach.
I think that we, Japan, should be more proud of the taste and balance of wine that can only be expressed in Japan.

day 5


Sapporo, gourmet, sightseeing, nightlife, etc.

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