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Copenhagen the capital of Denmark

These are Miki recommended experiences that you don’t want to miss in Copenhagen

The statue of HC Andersen

Author Hans Christian Andersen is a very important part of Danish culture, and his fairytales are known worldwide. In Copenhagen, his legacy is honored through numerous statues, including one at City Hall Square facing H.C. Andersens Boulevard. This bronze statue, crafted by Henry Luckow-Nielsen and erected in 1965, depicts Andersen seated with a book.

Little mermaid

The Little Mermaid sculpture, perhaps Copenhagen's most iconic attraction, takes inspiration from Hans Christian Andersen's beloved fairy tale. Unveiled on August 23, 1913, it was generously gifted to the city by Danish brewer Carl Jacobsen. Fashioned from bronze and granite, the sculpture gracefully resides in the waters of Langelinie Pier.

Christiansborg Palace

Christiansborg Palace stands proudly on the islet of Slotsholmen in the heart of Copenhagen. Serving as both a regal residence and a governmental hub, it hosts the Danish Parliament, the Prime Minister's Office, and the Supreme Court, home to the three supreme powers: the executive power, the legislative power, and the judicial power. It is the only building in the world that houses all three of a country's branches of government. Additionally, various sections of the palace cater to the Danish monarch, featuring the Royal Reception Rooms, the Palace Chapel, and the Royal Stables.

Rosenborg Castle

Built in 1606-1607 by Christian IV, Rosenborg Castle in Copenhagen is a 400-year-old Renaissance castle showcasing some of Denmark's greatest cultural treasures. The castle houses the Crown Jewels and Royal Regalia, along with lavish portraits and royal details throughout its rooms. The Knights' Hall, featuring coronation thrones adorned with narwhal tusks and guarded by life-size silver lions, is a must-see attraction. Tapestries commemorate historic battles between Denmark and Sweden.

Amalienborg Palace

Experience 250 years of royal history at Amalienborg, offering two unique royal encounters. Explore Christian VIII's Palace, where the museum provides insight into past and present royal life, showcasing the private chambers of former kings and queens. Most days, access to the royal reception rooms is also available. In Christian VII's Palace, tour magnificent rooms hosting grand festivities. Guided tours can be booked at the ticket office of Christian VIII's Palace or online. Don't miss the daily changing of The Royal Danish Life Guards at noon.


Tivoli Gardens, Copenhagen's iconic theme park, is one of the world's oldest. It's a magical playground for all ages, inspiring both Hans Christian Andersen and Walt Disney. Founded in 1843, Tivoli has become a national treasure and international attraction, drawing visitors with its gardens, music, and rides.


CopenHill is a futuristic ski slope and recreational hill situated atop a cutting-edge resource handling center. Opened in fall 2019, it offers both skiing and hiking opportunities, all built on the roof of a waste-to-energy power plant, operational since 2017. This innovative concept aligns with Copenhagen's ambition to become the world's first carbon-neutral capital. The building was named in Time Magazine’s Top 50 of most inspired ideas, innovations and revolutions of 2011.

The David Collection

Situated in the heart of Copenhagen, The David Collection is a prestigious museum offering an extensive array of Islamic art, European 18th-century art, and Danish early modern painting, sculpture, and ceramics. We invite you to experience our unique museum firsthand, where you can immerse yourself in captivating works of art and the intriguing stories they convey.

Kronborg Castle – Home of Hamlet

Kronborg Castle, famously immortalized as the setting for Shakespeare's Hamlet, boasts a distinguished history dating back to the 1600s. Recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage site, this majestic fortress in Elsinore commands views over Sweden and holds a pivotal role in controlling the waterway between Sweden and Denmark. Delve into its storied past, marveling at Frederik II's opulent ballroom and intricate tapestries. And be sure not to overlook the opportunity to encounter the legendary figure of Holger the Dane, residing in the depths of the castle's basement.

Frederiksborg Castle

Frederiksborg Castle is situated on three islands surrounded by a lake and beautiful gardens with breathtaking view. It was reopened to the public as the Danish Museum of National History in 1882. The Museum presents 500 years of Danish history through portraits, paintings, furniture, and art within the Castle's historical setting. Explore the stories of individuals and events from the Middle Ages to the 21st century. With temporary exhibitions, guided tours, and seasonal activities, the museum offers insight into Danish history and portrait art while fostering a dialogue with the past.

Fredensborg Palace

Fredensborg Palace is a Danish royal residence located in the town of Fredensborg, north of Copenhagen. Built in the 18th century, it boasts stunning Baroque architecture surrounded by meticulously manicured gardens. The palace serves as a spring and autumn residence for the Danish royal family, often hosting official events and state functions. Its interior features luxurious furnishings, intricate artwork, and historical artifacts, offering a glimpse into Denmark's royal heritage.

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