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Explore Fukui
with Miki Travel

Welcome to the "Zen Nature Meditation Tour," an immersive journey through the  serene landscapes and rich cultural tapestry of Fukui prefecture, Japan. Beyond the  iconic Mount Fuji and the renowned green tea fields, Fukui reveals itself as a haven for  seekers of tranquility and cultural enthusiasts alike. Over three days and two nights,  this curated tour invites you to explore Fukui's historical gems, guided by  knowledgeable locals. 


day 1

Arrive at Fukui Station and take a hired car to the scenic Yohkoh-kan Garden.

Take a walk in Yohkoh-kan Garden

Eiheiji Temple


Explore the heart of the tour at Eiheiji Temple, known as the serene "temple of eternal  peace," nestled 15 km east of Fukui in Japan. Founded by Eihei Dōgen in the 13th century, this Sōtō Zen monastery invites over 800,000 annual visitors to discover its historic halls, including the Founder's Hall housing Dōgen's ashes. Immerse yourself in Zen tradition amid exquisite iconography, guided by a Soto Zen monk. Your journey through this enchanting and comprehensive experience will be a uniquely immersive encounter that goes beyond a standard temple visit. Praised as a magical highlight, the  temple visit, along with the monk’s insightful explanations and wisdom, promises to  leave an enduring impact. As you delve into this spiritual journey, anticipate forging a  deeper connection with Fukui's profound cultural tapestry through these shared  insights.

Exploring the Essence of Zen Dining at Hakujukan's  'Suisen' Restaurant


Concluding your first day is a culinary exploration with the "Dharma talk - What is food  in Zen?" and a meticulously prepared dinner at the historic Hakujukan hotel’s  restaurant 'Suisen'. There, you will enjoy the quality, preparation, and flavors of the  food. Enjoy deep connections to Zen philosophy during this experience, engaging  directly with the principles of Zen dining woven seamlessly into the meal. Immerse  yourself in the culture and language at Hakujukan, where chefs, trained under the  Daihonzan Eiheiji Temple, craft vegetarian cuisine that embodies the spirit of Zen.

Fukui City

Embark on an enriching guided tour of Fukui's historical culture, immersing yourself in  engaging activities led by a knowledgeable local guide. Uncover captivating insights into the region's rich heritage, all while surrounded by the serene beauty of Yokokan Garden. Renowned for its seamless blend of architecture and nature, the garden  features a villa overlooking a koi carp pond with stone islands and bridges, adorned  with lanterns. Yokokan Garden showcases blooming plum and wild cherry blossoms in spring, as well as vibrant maple trees in fall, all originally built in the early seventeenth century as a villa for the Matsudaira family.

Zafu making experience


Enjoy a hands-on activity as you participate in the 'Zafu Making Experience.' This  unique opportunity allows you to put the finishing touches on your own zafu cushion,  providing a tangible element for the rest of the journey. In addition to traditional  instruction, this activity offers a deeper understanding of the zafu's significance while  fostering a connection with the local community. Enjoy the warmth and comfort of this  practical activity, and appreciate how, upon returning home, you'll have the same  cushion to use during your continued practice of the zazen techniques learned on this  tour.

day 2

Spiritual Awakening: Morning Service at Eiheiji Temple for a Deep  Encounter with Buddhist Culture


Awaken your senses with the transformative "Morning Service" at Eiheiji Temple—one  of the tour's spiritual highlights. Your spiritual journey commences as you gather  quietly at the hotel, proceeding to the temple in the serene moments before dawn.
Engage in the Morning Service before sunrise, a soulful experience led by Eiheiji  Temple monks, featuring sutra reading and the soothing fragrance of burning incense.  Feel transported into a secret world, with the entire encounter leaving a profound and  lasting impression, possibly sparking an interest in exploring Buddhist culture.

Prepare yourself for the enriching yet demanding nature of these rituals—they offer  much to absorb, providing deeper understanding for those who can master both the  rituals and themselves.

Harmony of Mind and Nature: Zazen Meditation and Trekking in  Fukui's Majestic Mountains

Mt. Hiro

Set out on a 3.5-hour journey of self-discovery with our "Nature Meditation and  Trekking" adventure—a captivating experience that transcends ordinary exploration.  This activity is both a splendid opportunity for forming connections with fellow travelers,  as well as forging a profound bond with Fukui's natural splendor. The level of physical  activity is thoughtfully designed, striking a balance that caters to various fitness levels.  Older participants should feel free to inquire specifically about the difficulty level if they  have concerns.
The pinnacle of this trek is the zazen meditation atop the mountain—an experience  that embodies authenticity. The traditional kasa hats provided contribute to the  authentic experience and enhance the journey's spirit. Immerse yourself in the  breathtaking scenery and cherish every moment of this trekking experience. Join us in  discovering the beauty that Fukui's nature has to offer while connecting with the tranquility of zazen atop the majestic mountains.

day 3

Explore Yoshimine: Village Strolls, and Rural Life

Spiritual Journey at Kippoji Temple: Exploring Halls, Zazen Meditation, and Tranquil Grounds

Kippoji Temple

Discover Kippoji Temple, the temple where construction of Eihei-ji. This sacred haven served as Zen Master Dogen's temporary  abode for a transformative year and a half. Blanketed in moss, Kippoji Temple played a  pivotal role in transporting materials for the construction of Eiheiji Temple. It was within  these serene surroundings that Dogen authored a significant portion of the 90-volume  Shobogenzo, or “the eye of the true law.”
As you navigate the stone-paved path to Kippoji Temple, the challenging uphill climb becomes a cathartic exercise, preparing your mind for the tranquility that awaits. The solemn atmosphere intensifies, creating a sacred ambiance that envelops the temple. Towering trees and hushed surroundings enhance the sense of reverence, offering a unique space for introspection and meditation. The main hall, surrounded by these  towering trees, stands in quiet majesty, casting a solemn aura over the temple  grounds. For those seeking a more challenging venture, the temple provides a  mountain climbing course with a trailhead leading to Mt. Daibutsuji.

This ancient temple, adorned with 350-year-old drums, century-old buildings, and  picturesque moss-covered stone steps, stands as a living testament to the passage of  time and the enduring spirit of Zen. Witness the traditions upheld by practicing monks,  and enjoy the privilege of free viewing within these hallowed grounds. In 2023, Kippoji  Temple introduced a contemporary touch with monthly vegetarian cooking classes,  inviting you to savor the essence of spirituality and culinary artistry in this sacred  sanctuary.


Strolling around the village of Kippoji Temple is another enchanting highlight of your journey. This experience promises to immerse you in the authentic side of Japan,  creating moments of connection with locals that resonate even for those familiar with  Japanese life. The Kippoji Temple is nothing short of extraordinary, leaving you eager  to unravel its rich history and significance.

Stroll the charming streets of Yoshimine, take a moment to appreciate the beauty of  the temple and revel in the enjoyable hike. Relish every moment of this extraordinary experience, embracing the essence of rural life in the Yoshimine area.

Dharma talk by Plus Wild Mr. Hiro Murata "Theme: Essential  Considerations" at Kippoo-Baian

Kippo Baian

Complete your tour with a truly inspiring "Dharma talk by Mr. Hiro Murata of Plus Wild"  at Kippoh-Baian. This is the perfect backdrop for practicing zazen meditation, with a unique opportunity to gain deeper insight into the traditions of this meditative practice.  Here, a serene and contemplative atmosphere facilitates an exploration of the essence  of Zen meditation, making it a valuable experience to delve further into this ancient practice and understand its significance within Zen culture.Immerse yourself in the wisdom shared by Mr. Hiro Murata, a guide with Sazen training experience from Plus Wild, as he imparts insights that resonate with the profound traditions of Zen. This session serves as a culmination of your journey, providing a moment of reflection and connection with the spiritual aspects of Japanese culture.The overall experience promises to leave you with a deep and meaningful  understanding of Zen meditation and its cultural significance.

Dismissal at Fukui Station


Stay at the Hakujukan Hotel at Eiheiji Temple:
a Fusion of Zen, Serenity and Japanese Hospitality

Nestled within the tranquil embrace of Eiheiji Temple, the Hakujukan hotel offers a unique retreat where guests can immerse themselves in the essence of Zen while indulging in the comforts of a traditional Japanese inn. This extraordinary fusion of spiritual enlightenment and warm hospitality creates an experience like no other.

Here, guests have the opportunity to partake in authentic Buddhist vegetarian cuisine  and engage in the ancient practice of sitting Zen, all within the serene surroundings of  the temple. Our dedicated team of "Zen Concierges," rigorously trained at Eiheiji  Temple, are on hand to guide guests through this transformative journey, both within  the temple and within the welcoming embrace of Hakujukan.

After a day of spiritual exploration, guests can rejuvenate their bodies and minds in our  open-air baths or with a refreshing shower. The hotel also offers a delightful culinary  experience, featuring exquisite Buddhist vegetarian cuisine paired with the finest local  Sake from Echizen, all served in our authentic Japanese restaurant.

At the Hakujukan hotel of Eiheiji Temple, we extend a warm invitation to our guests to  embrace the harmonious blend of Zen spirituality and Japanese hospitality. We look  forward to providing you with a truly soothing and unforgettable stay.


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