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Fujiyama Tower

I was given the opportunity to check out the newly opened Fujiyama Tower, a 55m tall observatory deck located at theme park Fuji-Q Highland in Yamanashi prefecture this summer. The tower which opened on 21 July 2021 in conjunction with the park's 25th anniversary, offers three attractions; Fujiyama Sky Deck, Fujiyama Walk, and Fujiyama Slider. Unfortunately at the time of visit, only the Fujiyama Sky Deck and Fujiyama Walk was open, while the Fujiyama Slider was said to be coming soon!


Fujiyama Sky Deck

Before going up to the observation deck, you will have to leave your personal belongings in a personal locker with wristlet keys. The only items you will be allowed to bring with you is the entrance ticket and your smartphone. Anything else goes into the locker for safety purpose. While the official website FAQ mentions camera with neck strap is allowed to be brought in but it actually wasn't allowed, which was a bummer because don't we all know that a proper camera could take much better photos than a regular smartphone.

The lift will take you up in about a minute, which is quite fast, although it doesn't compare to the Tokyo Skytree lift which brings you 350m up in just 50 seconds. Once you exit the lift and step on the observation, lo and behold, a fantastic view of Mount Fuji. The beauty of the scenery just makes you speechless. Mount Fuji is always covered with cloud, so it's sometimes very difficult to get a good view of it, unless you're really lucky.

The spacious observation deck is covered with glass barrier, and you could even see the world's fastest rollercoaster Do-Dodonpa passing by every few minutes. The main view from the observation deck is the majestic Mount Fuji, and on the back side you can see the roller coaster track as well as the view of the whole Fuji-Q Highland theme park.


Fujiyama Walk

If you're interested to get on the Sky Walk, you should purchase a combination ticket of Sky Deck + Sky Walk. The platform of the Sky Walk is below Sky Deck, so you'll have to go down a flight of stairs from the observation deck. The staffs will explain to you the safety procedures and attach you with a harness. Once you're ready, you'll be taking a walk hands free and relying on just the harness and the walking path.

I didn't try the Sky Walk but had the chance to see some people on it. A big applause to all the brave people who made it through! Definitely not recommended for those who have fear of heights or acrophobia (intense fear of heights).


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