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Stockholm the capital of Sweden

These are Miki recommended experiences that you don’t want to miss in Stockholm

Stockholm City Hall

Stockholm City Hall, a landmark of Swedish architecture, completed in 1923. Its red brick facade and towering spires dominate the skyline. The interior is equally impressive, featuring opulent halls like the Golden Hall, adorned with over 18 million pieces of gold leaf mosaic depicting Swedish history and mythology. The Blue Hall serves as a grand banquet hall where the prestigious Nobel Prize banquet takes place annually. Serving as the seat of the Stockholm City Council, it remains a symbol of civic pride and a testament to Stockholm's rich cultural heritage.

Vasa Museum

The Vasa Museum in Stockholm displays the well-preserved 69 meter-long and more than 50 meter-tall Vasa warship, which sank in 1628 and was salvaged in 1961. The museum showcases 17th-century maritime life with cannons, sculptures, and crew relics. It stands as a testament to Sweden's maritime heritage, attracting millions of visitors yearly, making it one of the most popular attractions in Stockholm.

Royal Palace

Stockholm's Royal Palace, or Kungliga Slottet, is among Europe's largest palaces, serving as the Swedish monarch's official residence. It boasts a Baroque-style grand facade adorned with sculptures and columns. Visitors can explore opulent rooms like the Royal Apartments with exquisite furnishings, as well as the Hall of State for official ceremonies and the Royal Chapel renowned for its ceiling frescoes. With its rich history and architectural grandeur, the Royal Palace is a must-visit in Stockholm.

Drottningholm Palace

Drottningholm Palace has served as the private residence of the Swedish royal family since 1981. On the list of UNESCO's World Heritage, it is the most well-preserved royal castle built in the 1600s in Sweden and at the same time is representative of all European architecture for the period. It showcases splendid salons spanning the 17th to 19th centuries, a picturesque park, a distinctive palace theater, and a Chinese Pavilion. The Palace is Their Majesties the King and Queen's permanent home residence. The rooms in the southern wing of the palace are reserved for this purpose. The rest of the palace and grounds are open to the public year round.

Stromma boat

The most beautiful way to get to Drottningholm is the waterway on Lake Malaren. Join the boat trip to Drottningholm with the historic ships S/S Drottningholm or M/S Prins Carl Philip. It is an experience in itself.

Abba Museum

ABBA The Museum, an interactive exhibition in Stockholm, opened in May 2013, showcasing the pop band ABBA's collected works in a contemporary setting at Djurgården. It goes beyond typical museums, offering visitors the chance to become the "5th ABBA member." Explore iconic costumes, gold records, and memorabilia while experiencing activities like trying on stage costumes, singing at the Polar Studio, and interacting with 3D avatars. It's an immersive experience celebrating the legendary pop band.

Stockholm Old Town

Gamla Stan, Stockholm's Old Town, famed for its historic charm with cobbled streets and colorful 17th- and 18th-century buildings and iconic statue of St. George and the Dragon. Visitors can delve into the achievements of Nobel Prize laureates at the Nobel Museum and enjoy quaint cafes, restaurants, and shops offering traditional Swedish crafts. With its picturesque streets and rich cultural offerings, Gamla Stan remains a beloved and bustling neighborhood in Stockholm.

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